What Clients Are Saying...

Friendly, flexible and super easy to deal with. The music was spot on for our 75 person private party. Spinning Tommy Tunes walked the line between background music, holiday music and dancing music with ease. We would definitely recommend him.
~ G and D. Crawford

Spinning Tommy Tunes made the party for 100 ! With a solid mix of both young and old present, he kept everyone dancing whether it was country, disco, rock or pop. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or modern. We can’t wait for the next gig.
~ K. Buzzetto

Spinning Tommy Tunes rocked the house all night long. Most folks were dancing to the music of the decades all night while others (like myself) enjoyed sitting back and listening to the bands and tunes that we grew up with but so seldom get to hear.
~ A. Mortimore